$439.00 AUD

Mother’s Day bundle of our beloved ROBEY Robe paired with the perfect mulberry silk Sleep mask by our dear friends at Base camp beauty . 

Indulge in lazy mornings and the perfect night sleep with this thoughtful timeless gift for all mothers and mother like figures . 


The Base Camp Beauty light-blocking sleep mask offers a seamless fit, enveloping you snugly throughout the night for unparalleled comfort. The complete wrap-around design ensures you feel cocooned and secure, effortlessly slipping into a realm of peaceful slumber while blocking out any distractions.

Experience the epitome of beauty sleep with our high-quality 22 Momme silk, renowned for its super-soft and gentle touch. Say goodbye to puffy tired eyes and hello to the best possible sleep, whether you're at home, traveling, or a new mom in need of quality REM sleep.

This is self-care at its finest.